Plan Your Visit

Please note that we have reopened for worship but do require reservations as seating is limited. If you wish to worship with us in person, please call the church at 940.665.3926 or send an email to

The people of First United Methodist Church of Gainesville are excited to receive you as a guest! Below are some tips about where to park, what entrance to use, and how to find your way once you get inside the building. As always, you are welcome to email or call us in advance if you have questions.

Sunday Mornings

During this time of Covid-19 we are not hosting our coffee & fellowship before worship and Sunday School classes are being conducted through Zoom.

West Entrance (Denton Street): This is the only entrance for Sunday Worship and our main entrance for all church business. Parking is available in the West Parking Lot located at the Northwest corner of Denton and Pecan Streets. For those with limited mobility, Parking is available on Sunday mornings along the curbside directly in front of the building along Denton Street. When you enter the building, look for the “OFFICE” and “WORSHIP” signs and you’ll enter into our main hallway. Accessible entry into our Sanctuary for worship is available immediately to your right via a ramp.

South Entrance (Pecan Street): Note: this entrance is not available at this time. Curbside parking is available along Pecan Street and a drop-off area is available for those with limited mobility. The South Entrance is typically open for use only on Sunday mornings from 8:30-11:30 AM. Once you’re inside the building, you’ll be in our Pecan Street Foyer, where you’ll find coffee and our elevator, which allows Accessible entry to our Sanctuary for worship and to the second floor for Sunday School classes.

East Entrance & Learning Tree Entrance (access from Pecan and Main Streets): Note: This entrance is not available for Worship at this time. Parking is available in our East Parking Lot and you may enter the Building using either of the doors. These Entrances are available for entry use from 8:30-10:15 AM on Sundays. If using the Learning Tree Entrance, proceed down the hallway past the classrooms until you find the main hallway to your left. If using the East Entrance (nearest the playground), proceed down the hallway until you arrive in the Gathering Area.

North Entrance (Main Street): Note: This entrance is not available for Worship at this time. Parking is available along Main Street or in the Nortex Parking Lot at the northeast corner of Main & Denton Streets. (Please use our neighbors’ parking areas respectfully!) The North Entrance is available for entry use only from 8:30-10:15 AM on Sundays. Once you’re inside, proceed straight ahead to find the Gathering Area, coffee, and elevator access to the Sanctuary and second floor classrooms.

Weekdays & Weekends

FUMC buildings are typically accessed only through the West Entrance (Denton Street) during office hours, Monday-Thursday from 8:30 AM-4:00 PM. We ask that all visitors to the building use this entrance, marked with “OFFICE” and “WORSHIP” signs, unless you are a family whose children is attending The Learning Tree Preschool. (For building access guidelines for The Learning Tree, please click here.)

To enter the building, please approach the door and look for the “Aiphone” pad to your right. Press the doorbell button (marked “PRESS HERE”) and one of our staff or office volunteers will respond.

  • Meetings and Classes during the week are typically held in Room 113, located in the northwest corner of our building. In most cases, those leading meetings and classes will unlock the Northwest Entrance, located nearest the corner of Denton & Main Streets, approximately 15 minutes before start time.
  • During Special Events, such as dinners and other events hosted by community groups, most building entrances will be open. Please refer to the information for Sunday mornings above for parking and entrance guidelines. Keep in mind that not every organization will choose to allow access through all entrances.