We are by nature, social people who desire a connection to a community. Some people find their community within their various social organizations, but belonging to a church family is something that is unique and calls us to something bigger than ourselves. As disciples, our lives are lived in community to support one another for the collective work of the kingdom. Being a member of our faith family comes with great support and love, but asks each of us to actively participate in the ministries of God’s Kingdom through our congregation. As United Methodists, our vows of membership are five fold. We support the Church and our congregation through our:

  1. Prayers: We pray for everything that is brought to our attention. From our daily prayers to intercessory prayers for help or healing, our prayers are not an afterthought in our lives.
  2. Presence: We are presently involved in our congregation and come to be in the moment. When we participate in the ministries God calls us to, we see where the Holy Spirit is acting and guiding us.
  3. Gifts: Our spiritual gifts are many and diverse and we want each person to cultivate those gifts. Though Paul’s list of spiritual gifts is broad, we know that your God given gifts can be used to be a blessing to others.
  4. Service: Like Christ taught us, our desire is to exhibit a servant’s heart through our words and actions. Life and service in God’s Kingdom reminds us who we are, whose we are, and who we are striving to be like.
  5. Witness: Being a witness to God’s work in the world means telling the story that is still being written. We are called to be co-authors of the story of God’s Kingdom here and now, introducing everyone to Gold who already knows and loves them.

If you would like to discuss membership or participation in the church, please contact our Pastor, Rev. Adam Spore, to arrange a time to meet.